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Het Glazen Hart II (2022), Glas op textiel

Glass is a cold material. It is literally a liquid, frozen in its form, timeless.

When working with the material, in its liquid form, you will find a strange duality within. It dances, it has a will of its own. You have to listen and move with the glass.

Untitled (2022), Glass pot

In 2021 I met this amazing material, and ofcourse, it was love at first sight. Another year passed, and after my second ‘flirt’ with the glass I had to courage to ask. I became an intern at the National Museum of Glass in Leerdam, apprentice of master glassblower Gert Bullée. Since that moment, nothing in the world could compare to the joy of being in the hotshop, creating and collaborating with amazing artists and talented artisans. There still is so much for me to learn within this field, as an apprentice, as an assistant.