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‘Een Plek van Zorgen en Zorgeloosheid’ 2024 De Oude Algemene Begraafplaats Hengelo, HeArtPool Hengelo, Blown Glass, Textile, Plaster and Epoxy
‘Rats II 2023 AKI Finals, Mixed Media installation , Wood, Ceramics, Blown Glass, Metal, Latex and Weddingdress
‘Rats I’ 2023 AKI Finals, Mixed Media Installation, Wood, Ceramics, Epoxy, Blown Glass, Foam (stuffing), Fabric and Electronics
Detail of ‘Nacht bij de Schoonouders’ 2021, Mixed Media installation, Styrofoam, Plaster, Latex, Metal Bedframe and Weddingdress
‘Omen’ 2022, Mixed Media installation, unglazed Ceramics, Plaster, Chickenwire, Styrofoam and Epoxy

Artist statement

I am a Dutch based artist, primarily focussed on spacious, minimalistic mixed media installations about the home. 

The scenes created are usually based on traditional home and life, almost always existing in or on the ground, like artifacts or remnants of the past. I like using phrases or sayings and translating them into physical, touchable scenes. For example ‘down to earth’ is a phrase but also a value that what many of my works portray within this connection to the floor.

The installations consist of handcrafted figurative glass and ceramic pieces organized and woven into space, sometimes in combination with found objects and materials. I come from a family of painters, and include this way of working as I set up my installations. It’s what I like to call ‘Painting in space’, where I carefully compose objects and stories on site. Materiality plays a big role in the work, the material speaks symbolism that I seek.

Creation is such an intimate process. It is like a conversation with a lover. In all my pieces there is a very lively soul, born from this intimacy with the material and its necessary, time consuming and physically demanding processes. They are stories, memories but also sometimes visions or omens that I translate into the physical space.

Tradition is usually within the core and message. As a glassblowing apprentice this is what gets passed down to me, a mastery of a millennia old craft. 

All of these elements are what bring me to the mission of my work; creating these quiet, cathartic spaces and chambers for residents and viewers. Where time and space can be twisted, manipulated and mutilated if needed. Something that maybe even transcends physicality.

I am aiming for the soul.